Simple and Effective Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Website

Simple and Effective Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Website

How can my website attract more people? Are there any useful tips I can use to enlarge my audience? These are just few questions people ask about Web Design and Development. It’s said that you can find lots of customers on the internet, but the business is very competitive. This problem is common to almost all websites. It’s very difficult to direct internet traffic to your website. If you want to have large numbers of visitors, there are several factors to consider. In order to be competitive, you must stand out. You have to be unique enough to be noticed.

Update your website regularly.

Just like customers search your retail store for what’s new, the search engines favor websites that have fresh, recently added content. The key here is to choose a web hosting service or site platform that allows you to update your site easily and often.

Invest in professional writing and web design.

This will improve the quality and relevance of your site content and make your website more appealing to visitors, both of which can help you generate higher traffic volumes without lifting a finger. Again, free is nice but if you want to attract more traffic to your brick and mortar store, you have to attract more traffic to your website.

Deploy infographics.

Infographics get shared more often than most other types of content. This makes them ideal candidates for traffic generation campaigns that make use of content marketing.

Add social sharing buttons to your website.

Don’t assume that your readers will take the initiative to share your content on their own. Instead, make it easy for your site to accrue more visitors from social networking sites by adding social sharing buttons to your company’s blog posts.

Use SEO responsibly.

Don’t over-optimize your website, but do make use of current SEO best practices (which put the emphasis on looking “natural”) to let the search engines know where they should list your site in the natural search results. High rankings will result in plenty of new visitors to your website.

Make Sure Your Site is Fast.

Ever found yourself waiting thirty seconds for a webpage to load? Me neither. If your site takes forever to load, your bounce rate will be sky high. Make sure that your pages are as technically optimized as possible, including image file sizes, page structure and the functionality of third-party plugins. The faster your site loads, the better.

Give Away Something Valuable.

Hopefully you offer a free valuable giveaway (a report, audio, or a consultation). It’s easiest if this process is automated so that you save your precious time. There are several options for this; two popular services are and (both offer free trials.)

These are by no means all the ways to attract customers to your website and then to your brick and mortar retail store but it sure beats sitting around wondering what you can do to attract customers. Which of these methods is most appealing to you? What have been your best sources of web visitors?